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"Fun Fact #3: The 1994 winner of the FIFA World Player of the Year Award, Romario, played for Miami FC for the 2006 season. He is also leading a campaign against Brazil hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014, because he claims the games are immersed in corruption and money laundering."

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Fun Fact #2:

Every FIFA World Player of the Year winner since 1996 has played for either Real Madrid or Barcelona.

13 of the last 15 Balon D’ Or winners played for one of the two clubs.


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"Fun Fact #1
In 2012, Deloitte named Spanish soccer team, Real Madrid CF, the most valuable football team in the world for the seventh successive year (479.5 mill Euro). Madrid is tailed by Barcelona FC, which ranks second for the third successive year (450.7 mill Euro). Number three goes to English team, Manchester United (367 mill Euro), and number four goes to German team Bayern Munich (321.4 mill Euro). The list then returns to England for Arsenal (251.1 mill Euro) and Chelsea (249.8 mill Euro) in fifth and sixth place, respectively. A squad that is dear to me, Liverpool FC, is among the top, at number nine, with 203.3 mill Euro."

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This is pretty sad.  

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The way I felt after the first match of the Group of Death. This is the way the Champs League is supposed to feel! This is the way Real Madrid v. Man City felt!  This is the way it feels to be a Madridista! 

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